Asset Management

Asset Management is the core function of DCIM management activities. In a datacenter, there can be thousands of assets including infrastructure facilities such as power and cooling. There are also IT assets such as servers, storages and network… etc. Constantly tracking and monitoring these assets are important tasks for the datacenter managers.

The investigation by Digital Realty says that, only 26% of the datacenter managers can locate the servers within a short period of time, while 58% of them need approximately 4 hours, some of them even need more than one day to locate the servers. Lack of management of these assets can lead to rise in MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), lowering the device availability.

Asset Management function module, using datacenter floor plan as the draft to allocate the using areas and register the assets including UPS, PDC, PDU, racks and IT devices. The relationship between power path and network connections can also be set up, clearly showing the current available resources and their relevance.




High Efficiency, High Accuracy

For datacenter managers, it is complicated and time-consuming to manage thousands of IT assets. Traditional management by Visio and Excel diagrams can hardly provide applicable and accurate information when specific events happen. Datacenter managers may also be confused by high error frequency of the information.

The Asset Management function module of Delta InfraSuite Manager (EMS3000) provides an interface that is easy to use and monitor, allowing the datacenter managers to classify and inquire the detailed information of power, cooling, network, servers. It can also generate the power path diagram and network?topology according to the device downstream relationships. Simple, real-time and easy-to-use operation platform enables the users to clearly identify the status of the power and IT assets in a short time.

Furthermore, the well-designed rack front and rear views make it easier for the datacenter managers to quickly and clearly get the device locations and capacity status at a glance.