Asset Inspection

In order to maintain the stable operation of datacenters, the assets inside of them need to be regularly inspected. Traditional process is usually preceded by an inspector with a paper notepad. However, this can be a time wasting task, not to mention that there might be missing or repeat inspections.

The Asset Inspection module of InfraSuite Manager is used with a user-friendly mobile app which makes it smarter and more efficiently for the inspector to complete his/her inspection process. Customizable templates can be designed for different types of assets. The users can also upload the photos of the inspected assets to InfraSuite Manager. Unique QR codes of each asset can be generated by the system, making the tasks more intuitional.


  • Inspection items can be designed for different devices
  • Inspection Plan: Inspection time and templates can be assigned flexibly
  • Inspection Mission: Plans and missions can be assigned efficiently by mobile app
  • Inspection Log: Record the inspection history in detail
  • Asset QR Code can be generated for more convenient task process
  • Photos taken by mobile devices can be uploaded and recorded
  • A more time saving and concise inspection process