Work Order (Change Management)

As any business or organization strives to optimize their operation environment and service continuity, an efficient management of changes becomes Indispensable. However, traditional management process could be complicated and lack of efficiency. Thus, a well-organized management process is essential for the datacenters. The Work Order Function Module is developed under these circumstances.

The Work Order Function Module of InfraSuite Manager provides an integrated platform for change management that helps the users to reduce cost of management whilst simplifying and merging the processes of changes.




Customized Management Process for Different Management Requirements

The Work Order Function Module provides a highly customizable platform that enables the users to design work order templates for different management purposes. Different variables such as names, types, priority, schedule, roles of tasks can be set by the administrator.

This Function Module not only helps the users to simplify and integrate the process of change management, but also extends the life cycle of the datacenter operation.