Software NVR

For security and management purposes, lots of surveillance IP cameras need to be installed for monitoring access to the datacenter and keeping video record when specific events happen.

Software NVR function module is designed to manage IP Cameras by software with live video, recording, playback, backup and other functions. It supports distributed architecture that enables the system to manage more than 1000 IP cameras.

Delta InfraSuite Manager (EMS3000) can integrate IP cameras with EnviroStation (EMS2000), allowing the datacenter managers to keep up with current environment situation by real-time videos. It consists of video recording and backup functions. Door access system can also be integrated into this function module to manage the datacenter staff access history, securing the datacenter against safety threats.





  • Support distributed architecture to manage more than 1000 IP cameras.
  • Work with EMS3000 to configure all of the cameras from a single portal. To identify the cameras in the layout plans and interact with the other facilities.
  • Has the ability to manage all of the storage and backup space, the operation status of cameras and camera collector servers.
  • Support the most public network streaming and ONVIF protocols to connect almost of the IP cameras in the world. And support PTZ control.