Operation Platform (Base Model)

The Operation base model of InfraSuite Manager (EMS3000) is the basic platform that shows real-time device alerts and datacenter floor plan with graphs. It can also provide real-time suggestions to assist datacenter managers for proper reactions.

The Operation base model provides the fundamental DCIM platform. The extensional function modules can be added according to the demand of the enterprise or organization. This system also supports the integration with third-party devices.


InfraSuite Manager Operation Platform


                                   Windows Application UI                                                                                             Web UI


Diverse layout components help the designers to design customized data center floor plans in every single project. Floor plan pages can be shown both on web browsers and Windows application interfaces. It also consist of a built-in report generator tool that provides report template, which allows different devices information and trend charts to be shown in the reports that can satisfy different management purposes.


Advanced Management Function

  • Visualization
  • Protocol
  • Device Monitoring
  • Camera
  • User
  • Organization
  • Privilege
  • Notification
  • Scheduling
  • Reaction
  • Report
  • Backup