PUE Monitoring

In recent times, construction, upgrading and optimization of the infrastructure facilities have become the main focus for businesses when constructing new generation data centers. However, the problems of high energy consumption have always been what data center managers struggle with. Under this circumstance, how to reduce and improve the energy consumption are the prior issues that need to be concerned.

Sufficient power supply is the foundation of consistent uptime of numerous servers, network devices and infrastructure facilities in data centers. However, this comes with tremendous power consumption that has always been a critical challenge for data center managers.Therefore, how to reduce power consumption while maintaining the best availability of the data center operation is a critical mission of the management team. The Energy Management Module is designed and developed for resolving this issue.

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the indicator for measuring power consumption. It is reported from DIGITIMES that, if the PUE can be lowered by 0.1 in a 100KW data center, there will be approximately $US10,000 electricity costs saved annually. It is undoubtedly important for the data center managers to do the best effort to manage energy consumption effectively.

So, how can we effectively measure PUE accurately? When the data center managers need to provide reports about energy management to the clients, how can they effectively provide real-time energy consumption trend?


The energy module used for monitoring datacenter PUE


PUE Optimization: Don't let your datacenter control your electricity bill

The Energy module of InfraSuite Manager contains the functions of energy measurement, PUE calculation, electricity tariff formula, report generator and historical data analysis. Also, it includes organizational energy classification and management mechanism. It is suitable for energy management in datacenters and factories environment. Accurate measurement comes before efficient management. The energy management module makes it possible for the datacenter managers to react properly to the current energy consumption by providing accurate real-time PUE measurement. With time and experience of operating this system, datacenter managers can manage the energy consumption with better reaction and more agility. This module can transform energy consumption data collected from power meters, UPS, PDU and environment detectors to dynamic charts and graphs. They can be shown with line charts, bar charts or pie charts based on user preference.