InfraSuite Manager


One Tool. Complexity Mastered.

The paramount issue in managing a datacenter is keeping track of the myriad details that comprise the datacenter’s infrastructure. Monitoring can include determining how much power each circuit uses daily, maintaining a constant temperature across all devices, resolving problems in multiple areas at once without compromising the environmental integrity of the datacenter, and sustaining or bolstering security measures for the datacenter itself. Datacenter infrastructure management is further complicated by the fact that the data itself is constantly growing, since the data center is itself a repository for records that are being added to through regular business operations, without ever being deleted.

In the past, to ensure complete and reliable datacenter monitoring, many different systems have been employed independently of each other to track all the functions of a datacenter—one system for temperature and cooling, another for security, a third for asset management, and so forth. This type of compartmentalized management is highly inefficient, and can in fact create even bigger problems than the ones it solves. Not only does each system require its own individual oversight and upkeep, but cross-system communication can be prohibitively difficult, and can sometimes result in costly errors.

The best contemporary datacenter monitoring solutions incorporate each individual system into a single central system. The InfraSuite Manager is a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system that integrates all datacenter facility and IT equipment management tasks on one platform simultaneously. InfraSuite Manager includes the EnviroProbe and EnviroStation, which are designed to work together seamlessly to manage energy, power systems, cooling, environment, security, asset management, server monitoring and more.






The use of InfraSuite Manager eliminates the need for separate solutions that monitor datacenter tasks individually. InfraSuite Manager can easily integrate with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units, power distribution cabinets (PDC), power distribution units (PDU), modular server racks, precision cooling, generators, and more.

The base model of InfraSuite Manager provides a basic platform that monitors the status of infrastructure and IT devices in a datacenter. The additional modules such as energy management and asset management, provide different specified functions, achieving a more advanced datacenter efficiency optimization.



Customer Value


InfraSuite Manager Helps You...

  • Ensure the reliability and security of your datacenter.
  • Quickly respond to critical alarms or issues that threaten your business operations.
  • Avoid the loss caused by operation downtime.
  • Reduce your datacenter operation cost and TCO.
  • Ensure integrity and functionality of your server environment.
  • Extend the lifetime of your datancenter, improve the availability of devices and lower MTTR.
  • Monitor, plan and optimize the datacenter to satisfy your present and future demands.